Speak with our specialist Lyme Disease Team: Call +44 (0)203 095 0009
Speak with our specialist Lyme Disease Team: Call +44 (0)203 095 0009
Speak with our specialist Lyme Disease Team: Call +44 (0)203 095 0009

Collaborating with: BCA-Clinic & MakeWell

Speak with our specialist Lyme Disease Team:
Call +44 (0)203 095 0009

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 17:30

Collaborating with: BCA-Clinic & MakeWell

Dr Helen Jordan

Dr Helen Jordan is a medical doctor based at the London Lyme Disease Clinic. In 2003 she achieved BSc (Hons) in Diagnostic Radiography at Kingston University in London before completing her post-graduate Medical degree (MBChB) at the University of Leicester in 2007.

She has worked as a doctor in the North West of England for over 12 years, specialising in Obstetrics and Gynaecology for 10 years before moving to the London Lyme Clinic.

Having spent a year in Vancouver in 2017 Dr Jordan also trained as a yoga teacher and developed a passionate interest in holistic health, with interests in ayurveda, herbal medicine and aromatherapy. She believes strongly in the benefits of a combined conventional and holistic medicine approach.

As a graduate of AFMCP (Applying functional medicine in clinical practice), Dr Jordan utilises functional/integrated medicine in the management of her patients to treat the root cause of disease. It was this desire to treat the root cause of disease that led Dr Jordan to the field of tick borne disease. She has been training as a specialist in tick borne diseases at the world renowned BCA clinic in Germany under the direct tutorage of Dr Carsten Nicolaus.

Dr Jordan is registered with the GMC and is a member of ILADS and IFM.

Dr Joshua Berkowitz

After graduating from Birmingham University Medical School in 1971, Dr Josh became a Member and later a Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (FRCOG). For nearly twenty years, Dr Josh was a Consultant Obstetrician / Gynecologist in a private medical practice and then diversified into a number of other medical practices specialising in specific areas. These include IV Boost, Wimpole Aesthetics and The IV Doc in London.

Dr Josh has a big interest in Lyme Disease and attends ILADS conferences on a regular basis. He recently spent a week working with Dr Carsten Nicolas at the BCA clinic in Augsburg, Germany who he will be collaborating with to offer treatment and diagnostics for Lyme Disease in the UK.

Dr Josh is registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). He is a member of ILADS, the British Medical Association, The Royal Society of Medicine and the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors.

For media & press interviews please contact our main switchboard on: +44 (0)20 3095 0009. Alternatively you may wish to email your full request. info@lymediseaseclinic.co.uk

Dr. Carsten Nicolaus, MD, PhD

After finishing his academic education at two German Universities (Regensburg and Munich) and medical training, Dr. Carsten Nicolaus opened his own GP practice in Augsburg in the South of Germany. Only a few weeks after the opening of the practice, he was confronted with problems of tick-borne diseases, particularly Lyme disease.

During 17 years of his career as a GP, tick-borne diseases started to be of great and increasing importance to him and his patients. As a result of this, he decided to found the first German treatment centre which exclusively treats tick-borne diseases. The BCA-clinic was established on 1st October 2006 and specialises in diagnostics and treatment of tick-borne diseases and patient rehabilitation.

Dr. Nicolaus has been an active member of the German Borreliosis Society and ILADS for many years. Since 2012 he has been one of the Board directors of ILADEF.

Dr. Carsten Nicolaus is not registered with UK GMC but is soon to submit his application to be recognised by this prestigious body. His attendance in London is purely to mentor Dr Berkowitz in the skills to manage this complex disease.